Dear SailCamp Families,

When we made the difficult decision to cancel SailCamp in 2020 none of us imagined that SailCamp 2021 would be at risk, but sadly, here we are....  Covid-19 is still infecting people at an alarming rate and we are looking to guidance from the professionals to determine if and how we could hold SailCamp in 2021. According to the CDC, SailCamp would fall into the highest risk category:

Highest Risk: Campers mix between groups and do not remain spaced apart. All campers are not from the local geographic area (e.g., community, town, city, or county).

The camp directors have carefully reviewed all aspects of camp (flag pole, meals, dock activities, sailing, crafts, bathrooms and tent areas). Our goal was to identify if and how each component of camp could be run safely given the resources we have available.  Unfortunately, our conclusion at this point is that we could not realistically maintain the masking, spacing and hygiene that is necessary to protect campers, volunteers and staff.

We will revisit this decision on April 15 but barring any substantial change to the CDC guidance we don’t expect that SailCamp will be possible for 2021.

With much regret,
Your SailCamp Directors
Buster, David, Jen, Julie, and Mike

off the


It's not all about sailing (depending on who you ask).  Our staff of camp counselors keep the campers safe and busy when they aren't sailing,  Crafts, games and skits provide something for everyone.  If you can't have fun here, well.....

On The water

The best week of the year

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This is why we're here.  SailCamp offers a full range of sailing instruction from novice to advanced El Toro racing.  Our instructors and junior instructors provide unparalleled instruction and coaching to push your junior sailor to the next level.

Our volunteer chef and his army of volunteers provide delicious and nutritious snacks and meals for campers and staff.  Picky eaters, allergies and specific dietary requirements are all in a days work for Chef Jeff.