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Our volunteer chef and his army of volunteers provide delicious and nutritious snacks and meals for campers and staff.  Picky eaters, allergies and specific dietary requirements are all in a days work for Chef Jeff.

This is why we're here.  SailCamp offers a full range of sailing instruction from novice to advanced El Toro racing.  Our instructors and junior instructors provide unparalleled instruction and coaching to push your junior sailor to the next level.

On The water

It's not all about sailing (depending on who you ask).  Our staff of camp counselors keep the campers safe and busy when they aren't sailing,  Crafts, games and skits provide something for everyone.  If you can't have fun here, well.....

off the


The best week of the year

Our region’s emergence from Covid lockdowns happened on a time scale that left many of us excited to be able to offer Sail Camp! We launched planning in earnest, but well behind our normal schedule. An unfortunate result of this is that we received many fewer enrollments than we need to make Sail Camp 2022 happen.

 It is thus with sadness that we have to cancel Sail Camp for this year.