Our region’s emergence from Covid lockdowns happened on a time scale that left many of us excited to be able to offer Sail Camp! We launched planning in earnest, but well behind our normal schedule. An unfortunate result of this is that we received many fewer enrollments than we need to make Sail Camp 2022 happen.

 It is thus with sadness that we have to cancel Sail Camp for this year.

The best week of the year

About Camp:

  • Sailors of any skill level are eligible for camp in a given year if they have had their 8th birthday, but not their 15th birthday as of January 31 of that year. 
  • Sailors that turn 15 prior to January 31st are invited to apply as Junior Instructors.
  • Camp costs $450 per camper, plus one day of volunteer work.
  • Campers provide their own boats, SSC has a limited number for rent.
  • ETIYRA membership is required for those who race in the Friday regatta.  
    • A $15 membership fee is collected during registration.
  • Campers check in at 3:00 on Sunday and check out around noon on Saturday.
  • Parents and friends are invited to stay for the opening day dinner on Sunday and the awards ceremony / BBQ on Saturday for $10 per person, collected at the door.  

How to Register:

  1. Complete the online registration form.
    • ​Be sure to provide a valid email address.
  2. Pick your volunteer hours here - you'll have more options if you sign up early.
  3. Write a check payable to "Stockton Sailing Club".
  4. Mail check to:
    • ​SailCamp Registrar

  • Do not mail them to your yacht club office!
  1. ​​You'll receive an email with confirmation once your registration is complete.
  2. ​All registration steps must be completed by June 1 - no exceptions!
    • Incomplete registrations will be moved to the waiting list on June 1.
    • Volunteer slots will be released on June 1 for any incomplete registration.
    • If space is available, registration will be accepted once all steps are complete and a $50 late fee is received.

SailCamp Rules

Rules for parents

1.  Bring a fully equipped and seaworthy boat.  Our dock crew is amazing, but they aren't here to refit a boat that hasn't been sailed since last year.  You will be charged for all parts that are required to make your campers boat seaworthy.

2. Stay out of camp.  Tent city is off limits to parents after the opening BBQ and until the closing BBQ.  Our counselors and staff have done this before and will handle things.  See a camp director if you absolutely must enter tent city.

3. Stay off the dock.  You can help your camper drop off and pick up their boat but our fabulous dock crew will take it from there.

4.  This Junior event has been designated as a “DRY” event by joint consensus of the sponsoring club’s Boards of Directors. All adults are expected to refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages and be “dry” while in attendance at this event, whether visiting or acting in a staff or volunteer capacity.

Rules for Campers

A single violation of the rules 1, 2, or 3 is grounds for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL & EXPULSION from the camp!

1. No possession or use of any substance containing alcohol, tobacco, or any controlled substance, except medicine prescribed by a physician specifically for the Junior’s use.  Use of prescribed medicine must be specified in the medical information section of the application.

2. No stealing. (Borrowing without the express knowledge and consent of the owner may be considered stealing)

3. No leaving the campgrounds without staff permission.

Repeated breaking of the following rules will result in disqualification from competition and may result in dismissal and expulsion from the camp.

4. Life jackets must be worn at all times while in boats or on docks.

5. Shoes must be worn at all times around the camp and on the docks.

6. Curfew/Lights-out must be observed (times and conditions will be announced).

7. Use of abusive language or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

8. Juniors are expected to carry out instructions as required for the orderly conduct of the clinic as assigned by instructors, camp staff, or its organizers, in a timely and productive manner.

9. Behavior deemed disruptive or unsafe will not be tolerated.

10. Juniors must abide by the posted rules of the host club.

11. No swimming except as part of scheduled drills, training or activities authorized by the camp staff.

12. All docks other than “A” dock are off limits to Juniors without staff permission.

13. All Juniors will sleep in the designated camp area. No juniors will be allowed to sleep on boats in the harbor.

14. No matches, lighters, or flames of any kind. Juniors needing to burn lines can ask instructors for help.

15. Common decency and health codes require that both genders wear a shirt at meals. Girls - No Bikini Tops, Boys - No Bare Chests, when food is present.

Prepare for camp:

  • On the water - you'll need an El Toro /Opti sailboat in seaworthy condition, preferably “self rescuing” with the following equipment:
    • Bailer (cut down plastic jug like a bleach bottle)
    • Paddle (no smaller than a ping pong paddle)
    • Boom vang
    • 10-15 foot long painter suitable for towing
    • Tiller extension
    • Hiking strap
    • Jibe preventer also called a JC strap (for intermediates and advanced)
    • Masthead wind indicator
    • Mast blocks (preferably with varying thickness to adjust your rake)
    • Sailing clothes- wetsuits and sprays suits are usually not necessary but you may wantto pack them, just in case. Definitely bring clothes and shoes that can get wet.
    • Waterproof watch with a countdown timer (for intermediates and advanced racers)
    • Mandatory Safety Items
    • Water bottle (EXTREMELY important in the heat to protect yourself from dehydration)
    • Sun Screen Lotion (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, sailors will be REQUIRED to apply lotion every morning and again after lunch! Consider this a safety item for your near term comfort [sunburn prevention] and long term health.
    • Hat and sunglasses, with retainer straps. (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, these are the sunscreen for you eyeballs!)
    • Life jacket, USCG approved, that fits properly.

  • Off the water - each camper ​needs their own personal camping equipment, including:
    • ​Tent and sleeping bag (sleeping mat/pad & pillow optional)
    • Eating Utensils: Plastic Plate, plastic bowl, plastic drinking glass, silverware and mesh bag
    • Camp chair for next to tent suggested
    • Sufficient clothing for a week (Expect hot, and very hot temperatures but include long pants and a sweatshirt for occasional chilly weather.)
    • Shoes for land and water - (Sneakers, sandals, water shoes)
    • Swimming suit
    • Shower and beach towels
    • Personal items (tooth brush, hair brush/comb, shampoo, soap, wash cloth, etc.)
    • Notepad and pencils
    • Flashlight
    • Insect repellent
    • Do NOT bring
    • No lighters, matches or flames of any kind. Sailors who need to burn the ends of lines can ask instructors for help.
    • No skateboards, skates, scooters, bikes, or boom boxes. Leave these items at home.
    • NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (phones, I-pads, I-pods, computers)​  Directors will have phones available for calls home if necessary.